About Us

Who We Are?

Aadviat is a full-service pharmacy supply company offering sales, marketing, promotional and distribution services. Based out of in Toronto Ontario, Canada, Aadviat is largely focused on the commercialization and marketing of niche pharmacy/dispensary products, related specialty packaging products and overall services.

Aadviat offer manufacturers a complete platform to successfully market, sell and distribute their dispensary products. We will help you achieve your company goals; to improve promotional effectiveness, develop new sales strategies, evaluate potential markets for new product launches and analyze market trends. In addition to distribution services, Aadviat supplies a broad range of pharmacy packaging supplies, Health and Beauty products and promotional products such as customized pharmacy store calendars, business cards, flyers, brochures and pharmacy magazines to our established client base of over 300+ independent pharmacies in Ontario.

Our Mission

Aadviat’s corporate mission is to continue to grow as a specialized pharmacy supply, marketing, sales and distribution company. The focus of the company will be on innovative, high quality, yet low cost manufacturers who can offer the Canadian Pharmacy Market a highly competitive product line. This is especially the case today with the extreme demands of the pharmacy business and cost pressures to maintain reasonable profits.

Aadviat is a clear leader in the marketplace in Canada when it comes to providing cost effective solutions to the growing demands of the retail pharmacy business in Canada.

Why Us ?

Aadviat balances commercial and entrepreneurial experiences with a common sense approach to attain optimal business outcomes through targeted marketing and sales solution. As a national distribution partner, Aadviat will be able to provide its pharmacy clients with the following key benefits:

  • Develop custom strategy to suit the pharmacies business parameters
  • Manage market challenges
  • Provide excellent customer service, sales support on a national basis to all pharmacy chains, banners and independent pharmacy groups throughout Canada