WOUND: Natural Self Treatment For Wounds

WOUND is 100% natural and preservative-free.​ Painless application.

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WOUND is suitable for the self-treatment of abrasions, cuts, burns, non-healing wounds and skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders. Also works for diaper rash!

WOUND contains specially formulated, synergistically acting combinations of Neem oil and St. John’s Wort oil and is used for the treatment of small and large/deep acute and chronic wounds, as well as skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders.

All natural wound spray approved for kids older then 1 month

How should WOUND be used?

  • Shake well before use
  • Spray WOUND directly on the cleaned wound from a distance of about 5-10cm
  • Cover the affected skin with a secondary dressing
  • Repeat the treatment every 24 hours

How often should WOUND be used?

Once daily

Can WOUND be used in children?

Yes, WOUND can be used in children older than one month

Can WOUND be used on lips and on small facial areas?

Yes, but it is recommended for these areas to spray WOUND on a cotton swab and use the swab to treat the wound

How many applications are in the spray?

A 10 ml spray contains 105 puffs

How many spray puffs do I need?

Just a rough estimate: for a wound of 1 x 1 cm: 1 – 2 spray puffs and for a wound of 3 x 3 cm: 4 spray puffs

Can WOUND cause irritation or allergic reactions?

WOUND has been tested for irritation and sensitivity. All results were negative, meaning that WOUND did not cause any irritation or allergic reactions. However, during post-marketing surveillance, an allergic reaction to WOUND was reported in 3 of 200 cases. All the patients reporting an allergic reaction suffered from multiple allergies.

Do I have to disinfect the wound if I use WOUND?

Rinsing with clean water or saline solution is typically enough to clean an acute superficial wound. Disinfectants not only are toxic for germs but also for human cells. If used too intensively, disinfectants hinder wound healing and damage human cells. WOUND enables an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects that inhibit wound healing. WOUND combined with proper initial wound cleansing is sufficient to treat superficial wounds.

Does the Hypericin in WOUND have an anti-depressant effect?


What is the active ingredient in WOUND?

The effectiveness of WOUND is based on the physical properties of the oil film and fatty acids contained in St. John’s wort oil (Oleum Hyperici) and Neem oil.

Which secondary dressings can be used in combination with WOUND?

Generally, WOUND can be combined with any non-medicated wound dressing. Recommended is a plaster bandage or a non-woven gauze held in place with a bandage. Because of it’s fine texture, the ideal secondary dressing is a non-woven gauze.

Does oil residue need to be removed during dressing change?


Does WOUND occlude (seal) the wound?

No, WOUND is semi-occlusive. The exudate can drain off without problems.

Is the content of the spray contaminated after the first treatment? How long is the storage life after the first treatment?

No. As the spray contains propellant, no air is soaked into the spray can during the application. Avoid contact of the spray-head with the wound. WOUND may be stored until expiration date indicated on the package.